Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Narrow Passages

That is my daughter, Juliana. This photo was taken by her husband, Johnathan, at Tunnel Falls in Oregon. I created the meme for them because I think the photo is so amazing in so many ways. If you look directly under the L-i in Life, there's a moss-covered cross. No one was aware of it when the photo was taken, but I spotted it later. Symbolic? Yes!

The same day this photo was taken, some guests of the farm stay were winding up a miserable 3 days in the Yellowstone back country with a guide from hell. He was rude, crude, sexist and racist. The things they told me he said and did were awful. Some things they wouldn't even tell me. They were his paying guests. Karma, dude!

So this morning I woke up thinking about how this narrow pathway correlates with his narrow mind and this is my morning Haiku.

Dangerous, scary
Narrow, pathways, vessels, minds
Faith, open hearts, love.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Greatest of These is Love!

Remember 7-up being advertised as the "un-cola"? I guess you could call me the "un-blogger". I have 2 blogs, but just don't blog all that much anymore for various reasons. Once in a while something touches me enough that I have to sit down and write out my thoughts to preserve for more than just the usual fleeting moments.
Today is one of those days in which I'd like to preserve the thoughts that woke me up in the night and kept me pondering for a bit.

Yesterday I sat down and counted all of the different countries our guests have come from and by the time the summer is over, 11 different countries will be represented. For a little old farm girl, that's pretty exciting. I am not much of a traveler and quite enjoy staying home. For me to be able to meet folks from different countries would be virtually impossible without the farm stay and the internet because quite frankly, I don't leave home all that often. Just in the past week we have had Belgium, Scotland and Canada represented as well as the US. Some visiting originally came from India and others from Taiwan. It was indeed a busy week for me with my dad visiting all week, meeting friends and other relatives for breakfast or dinner, more relatives here for dinner who we hadn't seen in 10 years and then having guests on top of it all.

A first for us this week was a 43 ft motor coach that pulled in. This is a family who decided to stop the madness of everyday life and hit the road for 7 months with their 4 children. As some of you know, Chris drove a semi over the road for the first 21 years of our marriage, so our driveway over at the shop is already set up for "big rigs". This motor coach is quite the big rig.
Here is this lovely family heading out for more adventures. It was a pleasure having them. You can follow their trip here. as she writes about their journey.

What has touched me the most is the excitement of those who pull into the farm. They often have big grins and are so excited to be here. It's a life style many are not familiar with and are excited to learn about. Sometimes the parents have wonderful memories of being on a farm and want their children to experience the same. Many live in cities and just don't have the opportunity to visit a farm. It is wonderful to be able to share this with them.

It is indeed humbling and heart-warming to know people really want to come here. So as I sat in my chair having my morning coffee thinking, I realized how blessed I am. I am meeting folks from all walks of life that I would otherwise never cross paths with. If I were to go to their city for whatever reason, even though we might pass each other on the street, we would maybe not even make eye contact. When they come here, there is a bond and friendships are made.

This little family came to camp out in their tent. They were so excited to be here and their little daughter was just a doll. She didn't say much, but she didn't have to. A smile and wave when she saw me was enough. I invited them to stay for our felting project with the 4 Carney kids. Sweeny is a photographer and artist, so they were excited to stay. Little Ila had a wonderful time. They are originally from Taiwan and now live in Seattle. Another treat getting to know these folks!

The common thread that binds us all together is love. We are taught from an early age to love one another. As parents it is our duty. Also as a parent I recognize another common thread. All we really want is what's best for our children and a safe and happy place in which to live. There's no greater love than unconditional love and as parents we certainly know what that is.

If we could all just open our hearts, the world would be a much better place.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love.

My heart is full.