Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is the New Year?

Welcome to my new blog! I will be using this to update you on the work-a-day-doings here on the farm. Please sit down and share a cup of coffee or tea with me.

Someone recently said to me they felt the Winter Solstice was actually the New Year! It made perfect sense to me. I so look forward to the longer days. Dec. 21 is my favorite day of the year.
I am one of those people who need the light. After my October visit the Pacific Northwest, I know I could never live in a place with little sunshine. I'd be perched under one of those full-spectrum lights continually. As it is, my husband threatened to buy me a "Happy Light" from Costco this year. They really are called that. I told him to go ahead, but it wasn't under the tree.

Winter is a wonderful time of reflection and planning. A time to go back over the past year and see what goals have been accomplished, what wasn't and to set new ones for the coming year. I am excited about Serenity Sheep Farm Stay in the coming year. I know the road won't always be smooth, but I look forward to the friends and customers I've yet to meet.

Whatever the New Year is to you, I wish you a blessed one.