Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exciting Farm News!

If you garden in zone 4, you probably have access to the magazine by the same name. The magazine is based here in Bozeman. Last summer they came out to stay in the wagon and then attend the kid's camp the next day. The current issue came out this week and I am happy to report that Serenity Sheep Farm is the centerfold! Three awesome pages of our story, right in the middle of the magazine.
Ordinarily I am not one to toot my own horn, but they did such a lovely job, I just had to share.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last year I put in for and received the 4% grant available from our local food co-op. The chose Serenity Sheep Farm Stay as the recipient of their 4% day in February of this year. Our day will be the 25th.
The reason I put in for it was to spur Kelly along in his mushroom growing operation, so the grant money will be used for that.
A poster needed to be created and taken in to the co-op by Jan. 31. It needed to represent our farm stay. Where does one begin and end? So many elements I didn't want to leave out. Being a "tad bit" of a perfectionist with my work that others will be viewing every day led me to about 10 hours into this project from selecting, editing, printing photos to the end result. I am pleased with it and plan to re-use it for a summer camp round-up at the Emerson in April! Dual-purpose!
So, if you don't happen to live here and can't swing by the co-op to see it, here are some pics for you.