Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Narrow Passages

That is my daughter, Juliana. This photo was taken by her husband, Johnathan, at Tunnel Falls in Oregon. I created the meme for them because I think the photo is so amazing in so many ways. If you look directly under the L-i in Life, there's a moss-covered cross. No one was aware of it when the photo was taken, but I spotted it later. Symbolic? Yes!

The same day this photo was taken, some guests of the farm stay were winding up a miserable 3 days in the Yellowstone back country with a guide from hell. He was rude, crude, sexist and racist. The things they told me he said and did were awful. Some things they wouldn't even tell me. They were his paying guests. Karma, dude!

So this morning I woke up thinking about how this narrow pathway correlates with his narrow mind and this is my morning Haiku.

Dangerous, scary
Narrow, pathways, vessels, minds
Faith, open hearts, love.